60 Minute Facial- 75.00

Relax and enjoy a 60 minute customized organic facial. You will get a double-cleanse, exfoliation, mask, extended facial and hand massage, serum and a moisturizer.

This will leave you both pampered and refreshed while nourishing your skin and leaving you wanting more.

30 Minute Facial- 40.00

Relax and enjoy a 30 minute customized organic facial. You will get a facial cleanse, exfoliation, mask, facial and hand massage and a moisturizer

LED Facial- 95.00

This is our 60 minute facial adding 1 of 2 different LED light treatments. One treatment targets acne skin problems by blasting the bacteria under the skin that is causing the acne. The other boosts the skins collagen and elasticity to help with anti-aging

Microcurrent Facial- 95.00 

This is our 60 minute facial adding on a Microcurrent facial toning device. This is FDA-cleared and clinically tested to improve skin tone and aid in wrinkle  reduction to give you a more radiant, younger looking appearance.

Back Facial- 45.00

Backs can be problem areas for many people. Relax as we cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate your back, do extractions as needed helping with those problematic areas.

Customized Eye Contour-25.00

A specialty eye mask that will help fill out fine lines, brighten dark circles, and reduce puffiness